I frame Tabs, Create New Tabs on Your Fan Page
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June 14 | By Juan Meridio Last March, Facebook special database deactivated the use of the FBML application with which we could create new tabs on our fan page and add the HTML code we wanted to create, for example, welcome pages. I frame App: Static HTML frame tabs, you can directly with special database HTML Since then, new applications have been coming out that replaced this one, one of them is I frame App , but today I want to talk about another application that is very similar to the old FBML, it is Static HTML frame tabs, with which you can directly special database use HTML .

To install it on your fan page you must go to and special database directly by clicking on "Go to the application" you can install it by selecting the fan page on which do you want to do it: Static-HTML Once installed, the first thing you should do is go inside the fan page to ?Edit the page?, once inside you special database enter ?applications? and look for ?Static HTML: frame tabs?: iframetabs The first thing we are going to do is change the name of the tab to be able to customize it and for this we click on ?Edit configuration? and a new window will open from where you can special database change the name of the tab as many times as you need:

static-config-html Once the name is already special database selected, we return to the wall of our page and we can see in the tab area that the new tab already appears with the name we have given it: welcome-html If we special database click on it we can already insert the HTML code that we want to appear, and it also allows us the option of showing different content to fans from non-fans, a very interesting special database option.

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